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David Amadeus Pacheco is an avid Nerd-Culture photographer from the bustling Los Angeles Metropolis


"Photography has been one of the most empowering tools I have ever learned. It has led me to find new perspectives in my everyday. I’ve met strangers that have become friends many of whom I would have never approached if not for the art of photography. It has endowed me with many opportunities I once thought lost. Every capture is a rough cut of the hidden gems in our city and friends. The world becomes simultaneously smaller in distance to other people and yet larger in the scale of imagination. Photography doesn’t just bring me joy but it has also given me insight into the many facets of myself as a person. What I would love most of all in this position is to share not just my knowledge but my perspective as well and challenge my creativity."

David Amadeus Pacheco has had his photography selected for the 2017 Santa Monica College Student Spring Exhibition and the Port of Long Beach Photo Exhibition. 

He has been commissioned by the University of Washington MESA for coverage of 2017 Champions Gala along with the Governor of Washington Jay Inslee. He has covered the 2017 & 2016 Art Hearts Fashion Show during LA Fashion on the behalf of Designer Fernando Alberto.  

David Amadeus Pacheco is an avid Nerd-Culture Photographer in the bustling city of Los Angeles. He has covered many conventions and gatherings under the direction of NerdBot Media.




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